This project is my Design Fundamentals final project. The Design Fundamentals class explores the principles of design and introduced me to the creative process. In an interest to express my desire to create content that relates to my interests in competitive video games and e-sports competition, I created a flier for a fictional school's video game club. My goals in this design ​​​​​​​was to create a flier that could easily attraction attention from viewers and provide subject matter that could help relay the concept of PC video games and competitive organized play for them.
The first part of my final project was to come up with 4 example thumbnails of my planned theme to my project.
After selecting my second image of the girl in a face-forward position playing a PC video game, I began to create four different headers to text typeface examples for the flier.
Before the next major step, I made additional design improvements including the addition of additional characters and a more complex background. The next step was to create four different color schemes to the project.
Final enhancements include adjusting color values to give more diversity and variety to the composition, cleanup of the lines and shapes, and creating a more refined background.

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